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How to install solar powered street lights Oct 09 , 2022

Solar powered street light is the best option for green energy as long as you have a sunshine place, it can be installed.

The following are a few steps of quality solar powered street lighting installation:

1.Determine the location

Before installing street lights, it is necessary to determine the location, which needs to be determined according to the construction drawings and geological conditions. Usually, there are not any shading objects on the top of the street panels, street lights can be installed. The spacing between each street light should be kept at about 40 meters. Make sure firm soil for installation, otherwise the street light will easily collapse after installation.

2.Excavation the hole

After determining the location, we have to excavate the hole. If the soil is soft on the surface 1-2 meters, the depth of excavation should be deepened, and we have to confirm that there are no buried water pipes and cables at the excavation location. The bottom of the hole should be poured with concrete, keep vibrating while pouring, to ensure the compactness of the soil. After the solidification of concrete, we start to install the street light.

3.Installation of battery

Our best solar powered street lamp body equipped with lithium iron phosphate, easy to install, just plug in the waterproof cable with solar panel. When the solar battery components and the bracket are connected, make sure that is sturdy, and the cable of the output component should not be exposed, should be tied and face the south position.

4.Installation of luminaire

Assemble all parts of smart solar powered street luminaire. Fix the solar panel on the bracket, the lamp head on the arm, and then fix all these components to the main light pole. When all accessories are assembled, the street light can be mounted on the hole and be poured with concrete.

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Tips:how to use outdoor solar powered street lights better

1.Sunshine time: The sunshine time of solar panel need to reach 5-6 hours of effective exposure one day.

2.Fixed angle and direction: The fixed direction of solar panels is south or 15 degrees west of south, the 38-45 degrees of elevation angle is appropriate. Make sure that there is not any shades , even if a wire, tree branches.

3. Maintenance: Solar panels should be regularly clean surface dust or stain, which can improve the charging efficiency.

4. Keep working: Solar lights should not be unused for a long time, make them work for a short time after purchase. Otherwise solar lights will be self-destructing battery life.

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