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Retrofit of double-arm light pole to solar light Jan 20 , 2021

Retrofit of the double-arm light pole:

This type of street light pole is the most common in old renovations, similar to a light pole with two large curved arms. This kind of light pole is generally high in height (between 7-10 meters). If the component solar street light is replaced, the construction is difficult, because the top of the solar bracket needs to be extended to fix the position, which involves welded pipes. In this way, the entire street light pole is removed and lowered to the ground, and the whole process requires crane operation.
In this case, we recommend retrofitting with integrated solar street lights for three reasons:
1. The transformation is simple, no need to weld, just remove the lamp cap of the old street lamp, and insert the integrated solar street lamp into the end of the street lamp arm.
2. The renovation investment is low, because the workload is greatly reduced, the same number of street lights, short labor and crane occupancy time, and much lower operating costs.
3. Good aesthetics, keep the original shape.

The modification method is as follows:

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