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SIGOLED helps the front-line work of fighting COVID-19 in Quanzhou Mar 30 , 2022
In order to support the front-line work of fighting the COVID-19 in Xiamei Town, under the organization of the Youth League Committee of Xiamei town and Wang Weijie, general manager of Chenghui international e-commerce center, head of Xiamei area of Nan'an Youth Chamber of Commerce, more than a dozen members of Xiamei area of Nan'an Youth Chamber of Commerce donated 2000 yuan each to Xiamei town.

Lin jieben, general manager of Fujian Quanzhou SIGOLED Lighting Technology Co., Ltd., is the director of Nan'an Youth Chamber of Commerce. In the 13 years since he came to Nan'an to start a business, he has deeply experienced the unity spirit of Nan'an Youth Chamber of Commerce to "inherit the spirit of Fujian merchants and pool the strength of the times". As a national high-tech enterprise settled in Xiamei town photoelectric information industry base, Shiguang lighting carries Lin jieben's social responsibility and deep feelings for Xiamei Town, an important economic town in Southern Fujian.

Lin jieben said: both enterprises and individuals should jointly contribute their best to the fight against the epidemic and hope that this round of epidemic will pass as soon as possible.

In recent years, Xiamei town Women Entrepreneurs Association (the third group of Nan'an Women Entrepreneurs Association and military support association) has done a lot of public welfare activities in serving epidemic prevention and control, poverty alleviation and poverty relief, and promoting military support and preferential families. Since the establishment of the association, Ms. Sun Yan, deputy general manager of Fujian Quanzhou SIGOLED Lighting Technology Co., Ltd., has actively participated in activities such as supporting the army and assisting students. When the epidemic hit, she actively participated in the fund-raising and donation activities of Xiamei town Women Entrepreneurs Association.

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In order to support the anti epidemic front-line work of relevant departments in Xiamei Town, Xiamei town Women Entrepreneurs Association donated 30 pieces of bread, 30 pieces of Yinlu Longyuan Babao porridge, 40 pieces of Master Kang instant noodles, 50 pieces of unified green tea drinks, 60 pieces of Jingtian Baisui mountain mineral water and 5 pieces of Taiyuan easy cups to Xiamei Town People's government, Xiamei town police station and Xiamei town hospital at the first time.

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When the epidemic struck, Quanzhou carried out large-scale nucleic acid detection for the first time. Several nucleic acid detection points were set up in the mechanical Photoelectric Industrial Park of Nan'an Economic Development Zone, but most of the nucleic acid detection points temporarily built detection channels on the square. Therefore, the lack of lighting may affect the efficiency of nucleic acid detection.

SIGOLED learned the information of material shortage from the management committee. On the one hand, it arranged employees to comply with the requirements of epidemic prevention and control and isolate at home. On the other hand, it arranged to temporarily transfer a batch of 100-150 watt LED flood lamps from the enterprise exhibition hall, and urgently arranged workers to connect to extension wires and plugs.

Lin jieben of Shiguang lighting said that as a professional manufacturer of LED street lamps, LED flood lights and other lighting lamps, it is also an honor and a responsibility for Shiguang lighting to provide its own products free of charge for anti epidemic nucleic acid detection. It is hoped that through the joint efforts of everyone, this wave of epidemic can pass quickly and enterprises can return to work and production as soon as possible.

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