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Advantages of SIGOLED power bank Jun 24 , 2022

SIGOLED has more than 10 years in led light and solar marketing, our solar power bank has the following advantages


1. Easy to carry: Our outdoor solar power supply series are equipped with foldable handle which is cost saving on transportation cost, easy to carry t wherever they go.


2. There are many charging methods: our mobile power supply offers more than 3 charging method: wireless mobile charger, DC5V quick USB charging ports and Type-C outlet, DC 14V outlet.AC110 or AC 220V output charging voltage can be selected.



3. Strong compatibility: Ordinary mobile power supply can generally supply power for mobile phones, tablets and other mobile devices. SIGOLED solar outdoor power supply can be compatible with a variety of devices to charge at the same time, such as: tablets, laptops, mobile phones, car refrigerators, electronic equipment such as drones and rice cookers.



4. Wide application range: with different wattages of SIGOLED solar powered power station can be used in various fields such as camping, home furnishing, medical treatment, emergency relief, and outdoor surveying.

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