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SIGOLED Lighting is listed on the Strait equity Quanzhou Trading Center Dec 22 , 2016

On the 22nd, the gong sounded in the Strait equity Quanzhou Trading Center, and the collective listing ceremony of the enterprises of Quanzhou Stock Exchange Center opened.

Among these listed companies, Fujian Quanzhou SIGOLED Lighting Technology Co., Ltd. and Nan'an Haite Machinery Co., Ltd. were successfully listed and displayed. After listing and exhibition, the enterprise can attract investors to invest, while the enterprise can carry out equity trading.

Fujian Quanzhou SIGOLED Lighting Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2009. In that year, as a high-level talent, Lin Jieben was introduced by Quanzhou Productivity Promotion Center to Fujian Branch of Quanzhou Optoelectronic Information Industry Base National University Science Park, and founded Fujian Quanzhou SIGOLED Lighting Technology Co., Ltd. With the advantage of technology, SIGOLED Lighting has been expanding distributors all over the country, and has sold products to Australia and South America.

Hight machinery is a representative enterprise of Nanan's new energy rising under the situation of environmental protection industry. Founded in 2002, the company focuses on the research and development of new energy products such as biomass pellets. In 2010, 10,000 square meters of biomass pellet fuel experimental base was invested. Many of the products are in the leading position in the domestic similar products, replacing the traditional high energy consumption equipment and filling the gap in the industry. The equipment has been exported to 28 countries.

Lin Jieben said that the Strait equity Quanzhou Trading Center, first, in response to the state's policy on supporting technology-based start-ups to display listings, to understand and learn about the capital market; at the same time, he hoped to use the exhibition platform of the Strait equity Quanzhou Trading Center, looking for investors or partners in cross-cutting areas with vision.

Lin Jieben also took SIGOLED to participate in the "Capital China" road show held in Shenzhen, and entered the top 20. In his view, when the national regional capital market is open to small and medium-sized enterprises, the world illuminates the need to join the Fujian Province's own regional equity trading market, to obtain more opportunities for development.

"Strait equity trading center is not only a trading market, but also a business communication platform. Exchanges with governments, trading centers, investors, and entrepreneurs will help the world illuminate continuous innovation in management and business models. He said.

In recent years, China's multi-level capital market ushered in a rare opportunity for development. In accordance with the market function orientation stipulated by the Fujian Provincial Government, the Strait equity Quanzhou Trading Center has actively set up a multi-factor registration and trading platform, a financing service platform for small and medium-sized enterprises, a domestic and foreign capital market platform, a pilot platform for cross-strait financial cooperation, and strived to develop into an important regional equity trading market in China. The field.

Nan'an Municipal Government and relevant departments have also actively improved their policies, increased the establishment of over-the-counter trading market reserve enterprise pool, increased listing support, tax contribution subsidies, support conditional enterprise management innovation, restructuring and listing. With the increase of capital market platform and the perfection of Quanzhou Gold Reform Comprehensive Financial Services Platform, more Nan'an enterprises will be on the stage of capital market.

"We are striving to create an innovative financial capital market with Nan'an characteristics, actively encourage enterprises to carry out over-the-counter transactions, and establish a multi-level, multi-form and dynamic capital market." The person in charge of Nan'an listing office said that Nan'an will promote more Nan'an enterprises to land on the major OTC trading platforms and achieve leapfrog development.

According to statistics, at present, Nan'an enterprises listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange trading enterprises up to 4, listed on display enterprises have 49. In the performance of the whole capital market, there are 6 listed companies, 45 listed reserve enterprises, 30 listed reserve enterprises.

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