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Haisi News report- SIGOLED solar energy path Jun 21 , 2022

SIGOLED to speed up the transformation and upgrading of solar energy

Reported by Qingbin Su

2022 will be an extraordinary year for Nan'an enterprises. Faced with the complex domestic and international environment in the post-epidemic era, how can enterprises cultivate internal strength, reshape their core competitiveness, and explore the development model under the "dual circulation" pattern?

Fujian Quanzhou SIGOLED Lighting Technology Co., Ltd., located in Xiamei Town, Nan'an, grasps key words such as "steady growth", "dual circulation", "new energy" and "rural revitalization", and embarks on a road of transformation and upgrading. "In 2022, the company will continue to maintain the growth of main business income, and is currently implementing share reform, and will further be listed on the Straits Equity Exchange Center." Talking about the recent new actions, Lin Jieben, general manager of SIGOLED Lighting, said.

Steady growth in a "dual cycle" pattern

"Under the 'dual circulation' pattern, SIGOLED Lighting seized the opportunity, gave full play to its own R&D and design advantages, served overseas strategic partners and domestic engineering companies and distributors, identified product positioning and development positioning, and built on solar LED street lights, A new competitive advantage in the field of solar photovoltaic power generation." Faced with the current situation of false power of solar LED street lights, Lin Jieben led the R&D team to formulate "enough bright", "very bright" and "super bright" based on the height of the pole and the ground illuminance. ” in different configurations, so that professional data can be transformed into easy-to-understand lighting effects. With technical precipitation and foreign engineering channels that have been operated for many years, SIGOLED Lighting is expected to obtain orders for more than 6,000 solar LED street lights in the second half of the year, ensuring the steady growth of the company's main income.

Under the background of "double carbon", the country is vigorously promoting the rural revitalization strategy. The lighting project of beautiful rural roads has received more and more attention. Solar LED street lights and distributed solar photovoltaic power stations have become important construction projects for rural revitalization. SIGOLED Lighting is based in Nan'an, and helps Nan'an City revitalize rural construction with "solar LED street lights" and "solar photovoltaic power stations".

According to Lin Zhihong, the project manager of SIGOLED Lighting, what makes the solar street lights of SIGOLED Lighting win the customers is that SIGOLED has always insisted on using high-efficiency solar panels, full-capacity lithium iron phosphate battery packs, 200lm/W ultra-high-efficiency white LEDs, waterproof smart controller and the overall hot-dip galvanized tapered light pole serve the solar LED street light project .

In 2020, Lin Jieben, the vice president of Quanzhou Optoelectronics Industry Association, also participated in the formulation of the group standard for rural solar LED street lights. Lin Jieben said that he hopes that the government, associations and enterprises can jointly promote the construction of beautiful villages through enterprise quality standards and association group standards to improve product and construction standards.

At the same time, associate professor Lin Jieben, who is in charge of the optoelectronics major of Minnan University of Science and Technology, is good at taking advantage of the advantages of the hometown of overseas Chinese in Nan'an. ", the hometown of Chen Guangxi, vice chairman of Minnan Institute of Science and Technology, Guanqiao Town, Nan'an City, provides solar LED lighting products and solar LED street lights, and further promotes it to various towns in Nan'an. Lin Jieben said that only by walking on "two legs" between foreign trade and domestic sales can enterprises alleviate the impact of the epidemic and economic downturn.

Transformation and upgrading in new energy outlets

Lin Jieben has witnessed the development of the domestic semiconductor lighting industry, and is also exploring a new product competitive advantage - portable energy storage power supply, which is gradually introduced to the market. The reason why he developed this product is not unrelated to his dual identities as both an entrepreneur and a college teacher.

solar street light price

"In June 2003, the National Semiconductor Lighting Project was officially launched, which has become one of the hot spots in the development of new industries. Although LEDs still have many key technologies in the field of UV short wavelength and plant growth, but in the field of ordinary home and outdoor lighting, Due to the continuous maturity of technology and the intensification of cost competition, people seem to regard LED as a 'traditional industry'." As a teacher of "Semiconductor Lighting Technology", a first-class undergraduate course in Fujian Province of Minnan University of Science and Technology, Lin Jieben taught theoretical knowledge, While developing new "LED+" products for students, such as "LED+ solar energy", "LED+ lithium battery", "LED+ IoT monitoring" vision and concepts.

Standing on the new energy outlet, Lin Jieben began to think about the transformation and upgrading of SIGOLED Lighting from the opportunity of "LED+". As early as 2016, SIGOLED Lighting officially entered the field of lithium-controlled integrated solar LED street lights; in 2018, it developed a 1200W small independent photovoltaic power generation system, and provided the overall solution of "LED + photovoltaic power generation + fan" for more than 50 classrooms; 2019 Provide distributed grid-connected power generation systems for residents and industrial and commercial users; develop 20-200W small portable solar lighting and charging systems in 2020; officially launch 200-2000W portable energy storage power projects in 2021.

"In the past two years, countries have increased the layout of the new energy industry, and solar portable energy storage power has become the most popular keyword on Alibaba's cross-border platform. On the new energy track, we have gradually improved lithium battery energy storage power products. "Lin Jieben explained that the portable energy storage power supply, also known as "large power bank" and "outdoor power supply", has a built-in lithium battery, which can be used with solar panels. Features. This portable energy storage power supply can power electric cookers, induction cookers, electric kettles, lamps and other electrical appliances, which is a good fit for consumers' demand for power in multiple outdoor scenarios.

What Lin Jieben said was true. During the normalization of the epidemic, domestic short- and medium-distance outdoor sports have suddenly heated up, and outdoor consumption such as picnics, camping, fishing, and self-driving tours has become more and more popular, driving the upgrade and iteration of outdoor equipment.

Taking outdoor top-stream "camping" as an example, it is different from the previous "wilderness survival" camping. Today, it is equipped with fully automatic tents, electric cookers, refrigerators, coffee machines, speakers, projectors, drones and ambient light beads and other equipment. "Exquisite camping" has become the latest trend. Among them, the trend of "electricalization" of camping equipment is prominent, which also makes "outdoor power supply" one of the necessities of camping.

The "Tmall 2022 May Day Consumption Trend Report" shows that from April 20 to May 4, the sales of portable energy storage power sources increased by more than 2 times year-on-year. The China Chemical and Physical Power Industry Association predicts that by 2026, the global shipments of portable energy storage power sources will reach 31.1 million units, and the market size will exceed 80 billion yuan.

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