LED Street Lights
Reconstruction of lights on cement street light poles Apr 08 , 2022

At present, cement street light poles are still used in many places. In some coastal areas, traditional cement poles are still be used to prevent corrosion of iron metal poles. The biggest feature of this kind of cement pole is that the diameter is thick, and the diameter is at least 160mm. The solar street light will not have such a large diameter pipe and cannot be installed. In some places, the cement pole of the electric wire or signal line is used to install the street light to achieve two birds with one stone. use.

In view of this situation, the accessories of the integrated solar street light need to be modified to meet the installation requirements.

Because the diameter of the cement rod is relatively thick, the standard is different in each place, the installation height is different, and the diameter is also different. For such situations, we recommend fixing the integrated solar street light or all in two street light with a adjustable steel bracket. Withe the long stainless screws, the diameter can be adjusted. The installation picture is as follows: