LED Street Lights
Retrofit of Conventional Single Arm Light Pole to Solar Light Apr 07 , 2022

With the rapid development of my country's economy, the urban and rural infrastructure has been continuously improved and perfected, and many traditional street lamps have been left on the old roads. Among these old street lamps, the damaged ones do not light up for a long time; or the old generation products have high energy consumption, which is inconsistent with the current social promotion of green energy saving, low carbon and environmental protection, and needs to be upgraded.

In line with the principle of no waste and economic construction, the lamp poles of the original street lamps can continue to function, just remove the old lamp caps and replace them with solar street lamps.

However, in the actual upgrade and update, due to the different shapes of the street light poles in different places, making the renewal project impossible. In view of the above situation, our company SIGOLED proposes some old street lamp renovation plans for everyone to choose.

Retrofit of single arm light pole

For this kind of street light pole, it is relatively easy, which is close to the standard of solar street light pole, and can be transformed into an integrated solar street light or a traditional split solar street light. Both products are available in our company.

Method 1 :Using split street lamp transformation. The picture below is our All in Two solar street light products, which already include solar panels, brackets, energy storage modules and street light heads, and only need street light poles to match.

The transformation method is very simple, just need to remove the redundant parts on the original single-arm street light pole, keep only the straight pole, insert our product straight into the straight pole, and tighten the screws to complete the transformation work, as shown in the following figure: